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Nutri-Score is an independent food label developed by scientists that translates the nutritional value of products into a score. Colours (green to red) and letters (A to E) indicate how healthy or unhealthy a product is.

How does Nutri-Score work?

The score is calculated using a scientific algorithm that factors in the total nutritional value, weighing up positive and negative elements. For example, the content of sugars, saturated fats, calories and salt negatively affects the score, whereas the content of fruit, vegetables, fibre and protein improves the score.

The products are awarded points based on the nutritional value and ingredients. They receive positive points for healthy nutrients and negative points for unhealthy nutrients. The Nutri-Score is obtained from the total score.

This results in a clear label that enables consumers to identify healthier products. The colours and letters on the label clearly show how healthy the product is.

Which Nutri-Scores does HAK have?

Most HAK products have a green or dark green Nutri-Score. Click here for more information about Nutri-Scores for our products. Green beans have a dark green 'A' Nutri-Score, for example.

For more information about Nutri-Scores, click here to open the PDF file.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nutri-Score